In making investment choices, the integration of financial instrument selection methodologies that take into account environmental, social and governance ESG factors and SRI principles for a sustainable and responsible investment is a necessary element in the pursuit of performances that are sustainable over time.
The asset management sector, with Eurizon at the fore, plays a key role in supporting the development of a valid and sustainable system of businesses, creating value in the long run for its clients.
Eurizon’s mission stresses the importance of collaborating with the companies it invests in to promote respect of sustainable growth and high governance standards.
We believe that companies with high governance standards, and which take into account ESG factors in their production processes, are more likely to achieve sustainable earnings over time, and therefore to increase their value in both economic and financial terms. For years now, Eurizon has been committed to drawing up and promoting new rules and behaviours focused on investment sustainability themes. 

Our periodical reports are transparent in showing that investing in ESG funds means not only seeking value in the long term, but also contributing from square one to a more sustainable development, that allows us to help achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

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Eurizon’s Sustainable and Responsible Investing Executive Policy


Eurizon’s commitment to ESG and SRI themes

1996 Eurizon is the first AM company in Italy to offer ethical funds which adopt clear and articulated asset selection criteria, a Sustainability Committee, and revenue devolvement
2002 Eurizon is co-founder of the UNEPFI Asset Management working group*
2005 Eurizon is co-Chair of the UNEPFI Asset Management Working Group, and contributes to the formulation of the six PRI principles
2010 Eurizon is Treasurer and member of the UNEPFI Governing Council UNEPFI.
2012 Eurizon is founding member of the Business Economy Environment (BEE)  group of GLOBE EU at the European Parliament.
2014 At the end of 2014, Eurizon underwrites the Italian Stewardship Principles for a responsible exercise of the administrative and voting rights of listed companies.
2015 Eurizon, co-Chair of the UNEPFI European Task Force, underwrites the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). The firm is a member of the Responsible Investment Working Group of the European Fund and Asset Management Association (EFAMA).
2016 Eurizon is a member of the Banks Environment and Climate Change Working Group of the Italian Banking Association (ABI)
2017 Eurizon integrates ESG and SRI principles into its investment process and launches Eurizon Fund Sustainable Global Equity. It becomes a member of the Task Force on Green Finance of the European Banking Federation (EBF)
2018 Eurizon launches Eurizon Fund Absolute Green Bonds and chairs the Disclosures, Indices & Metrics working group of European Banking Federation.
2019 Eurizon launches new ESG products and creates a dedicated structure of “ESG & Strategic Activism”.



April 2019 Edition

*UNEP-FI is a network of international investors that work in close collaboration with the UN to share a set of principles inspired by the understanding of investment sustainability mechanisms, by considering environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, and their integration in the investment process.


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