Main themes in the next few days

From 11 to 17 January


US Consumption and Inflation

Respectively on Wednesday and Friday, data on December inflation and retail sales will be released in the US. Inflation is expected to rise back slightly in terms of the headline index (from 1.2% to 1.3% y/y), as opposed to a stable core index (at 1.6%), whereas retail sales are forecast to stay flat, after dropping for two months.

Industrial Output Eurozone

On Wednesday, data on November industrial output in Italy and the euro will be released. The Italian reading is expected weaker (by -0.3% m/m), as opposed to ongoing growth in the Eurozone (+0.2%).

Earnings Reporting Season

This week, the banking sector will kick off the round of 4Q 2020 earnings reports in the US, that will reach its climax in the coming weeks. Consensus forecasts point to



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